We’re building the first experiential metaverse. We provide the highest design quality you’ll find in metaverses today, and create the best-in-class virtual experiences for brands, artists and communities. Societhy aims to find new ways to entertain and provide value to the world. Leveraging the latest tech to portray photo-realistic sceneries enables us to create dazzling experiences, where the boundaries of reality do not apply. Every experience will always be curated with and for our community.


Societhy experiences will be divided into 5 categories: Fashion, Music, Art, Sport, and Lifestyle. Artists, athletes, influencers, experts,.. everyone with an audience can create events in Societhy, and each event is entirely custom-made for your personal or business brand. Interact with your audience, talk, share unforgettable moments and more by hosting events in Societhy’s metaverse. Our multi-talented team provides high-precision and personalized services to bring unique value to your brand and community.










Building community is at the very center of our values, and Societhy’s community is the core of our existence. We continuously strive to bring value to our early believers, through ownership of our original NFT collection: The Societhy OG Pass. OG Pass holders have access to every present and future experience, and will earn rewards along the way. There are only 250 OG Passes available at any time, and no more will ever be released. As our community is growing, so is the demand for inclusivity. Our next limited collection will launch when the time is right, and will offer a new way for members to join our growing ecosystem.


OG Pass



OG Pass




Julien Keller

Co-founder & CEO

Ilyass Ramdani

Co-founder & CTO

Jonathan Segers

Community Manager

Aurelia Grandmaire

Artistic Director

Enzo Hespel

Full Stack Developer

Jan-Kasper Jakubowski

Full Stack Developer

Marion Theurkauff

Fashion Designer

Sebastien Mattia

Unreal Engineer

Joel Palix

Advisor & Founder of Palix Unlimited

Adrien Seugé

Advisor & CMO of L’OREAL France

Jean Keller

Advisor & VP at Isabel Marant

Manuel Valente

Advisor & Scientific Director at Coinhouse

John Karp

Advisor & CEO of NFT Factory