We are a pioneering 3D tech studio, crafting high-end virtual immersive experiences, AI and spatial computing solutions, designed to elevate brands and enhance their customers’ journeys.


At Societhy, we understand that every brand has a unique narrative, and we specialize in bringing these distinct stories to life through bespoke virtual experiences. Utilizing the power of advanced AI, immersive XR, and spatial computing, we tailor every facet of the experience to echo your brand's identity, ethos, and vision. From photo-realistic environments to interactive engagements, each element is meticulously crafted to resonate with your audience, fostering deeper connections and evoking profound emotions. With Societhy, your brand doesn't just occupy a space in the digital landscape, it shapes and transforms it, offering your audience an experience that is as unique as your brand itself.


We recreated the iconic Orsay station and unveiled a stunning fashion show in this meticulously crafted virtual environment. Seamlessly blending history, culture, and style, this immersive experience transcended the ordinary, offering a dazzling spectacle that brought the past and the present together on a virtual runway, delivering an unforgettable journey through time and fashion.


We meticulously craft a new art gallery for Gismondi & Darmo, infusing it with an enhanced layer of interactivity and immersion through a physical VR experience. Visitors could not only behold the stunning artworks but also engage with them in ways previously unimaginable, immersing themselves in the beauty of art like never before. It was a harmonious blend of the physical and the virtual, transforming viewing art into an unforgettable journey.


We set an avatar showcase for RTFKT's CloneX against the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. The fusion of CloneX's digital identity and the majestic architecture of the Eiffel Tower created a mesmerizing spectacle, bringing to life an entirely new dimension of virtual fashion and design.


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